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Point Of Sale

We help small business owners such as retail stores, pharmacies, bakeries and so on , who are struggling to expand their business, are exhausted by inventory tracking, manual billing and losing time in billing to satisfy their customers’s needs easily and have more freedom, time and energy, expand their business at the click of a button,have happy,life-long customers and be at peace.

To Control of Your Business as you EXPAND, Get Raagaa PoS Today.

Desktop POS
The Desktop version of RaaGaaPOS helps all small businesses to start their inventory management and billing operations within a minimum time frame.
Cloud POS
Get, Set, Go…That’s how RaaGaaPOS cloud works. It’s so easy and simple. All that you need to get your shop billing and inventory system going is a system with a reliable internet connection.
E-Commerce Integration
Welcome to the future of retail.You can either choose to have your own e-commerce site or be part of our own E-Commerce platform.